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Easy Todo New Year Resolutions For A Happier & Healthier Life Style

Lea Alston

Posted on January 04 2016

Easy Todo New Year Resolutions For A Happier & Healthier Life Style

At the beginning of every New Year we like to start the year out with Resolutions. My question is do we set realistic goals based on what we need to live healthier and happier life styles? Let me offer some simple solutions to start you out with that will not overwhelm you with sticking to your goals. 

Making Time For Yourself

Making time for yourself is the key to allowing our minds to unplug and renew. Give yourself permission to turn of your devices, those calls and posts can wait an hour or two! Now that you have one to two hours of free time, try doing something that is healthier for your mind and body.

Try Meditation 

Try meditation for the first time or even if you have tried it and you didn't get it, try it again. I promise you 5 minutes of intentional quietness is good for the soul.


Any form of exercise is better than none because it will help keep our hearts and bones strong as we age. If you don't like to go to the gym, walk for 30 minutes, try yoga for your long term strength and mental balance, go up and down your steps 5 times, do squats and jumping jacks while in the break room or when watching TV.

Eat a Little Better

Love to eat but hate to cook or love to eat and need fresh cooking ideas, try Pinterest for some simple solution meals that are fun, fabulous and taste great.

Switch to Natural

Last but not least try switching one of your body or hair care product to natural. Your skin is the biggest organ on our bodies and it absorbs all the chemicals that are not skin loving or healthy. You may not have issues with your skin but can benefit from trying all natural. Maybe you are having a hard time with your skin and will benefit from being chemically free, absorbing nutrients into your skin and aromatherapy to help with skin irritations and mental balance.

If you have question about making time for yourself, want to know more about yoga/meditation, or need suggestions for Scentsuosity's product line for healthier skin, hair and mind just send me a message. Much gratitude! 



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