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January 7, 2016

Today, I attended a private cold process soap making class with Lea and it was an amazing experience. Lea made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the class. She listened to me when I shared with her what I wanted to get out of the class for my business. I received great advice and a ton of knowledge about creative ways to make soap. I plan on applying this knowledge to my business and I will return for more classes. I highly recommend her classes!!!

Latasha Sessoms, NC

January 4, 2016

I took my first yoga class with Lea and enjoyed it! I participated in the two-hour session on a Saturday morning (10am). The environment was relaxing, calm, and peaceful. Lea walked us through the instructions for each pose, which I appreciated. And she gave options to take each pose to the next level for the more advanced participants. I enjoyed her session so much that I just signed up for 6 additional sessions.
Tazra Mitchell, Raleigh NC

December 18, 2015
I attended my first Yoga and soap making class with Lea. Both experiences were great. Lea's instruction was very relaxed, non-judgmental and easy to follow. I look forward to attending Yoga again on a regular basis in the New Year!

Soap making is very, very cool! Any apprehension I had about trying it for myself were removed. Lea gives very clear, common-sense instructions. Lea is also a very patient teacher. I encourage anyone to try any of her classes!

I am a big fan of her facial lotion, scrubs and soaps. Every product I've tried thus far have been a luxurious indulgence! Love!

Asheema, NC


November 23, 2015

I took a yoga class Wed. morning and it was very good. Lea is a well informed instructor who was easy to follow and offered a great, relaxing experience.

This class was good for me because we did a yoga pose which I had not done in quite a while but was pleased to be reintroduced to it. All the movements flowed smoothly. The environment was very pleasing, relaxing, clean and I totally loved the comforting natural scent throughout the space.

Pamela, NC


Nov 6, 2015

I took 6:30 pm class. Lea is very knowledgeable about yoga and how it truly beneficial for your health. I learned after the class that I need to go back to doing yoga on a regular basis. I miss it a lot! The environment is serene and the class truly helped me relax and re-center, followed by very restful sleep. Vonda Farrow, Raleigh NC


November 11, 2015
I took two yoga classes Friday (6:30) and Saturday (10:00am). The classes were great and relaxing. Lea is a great instructor and helps explain the poses. 

What I took away from each class I take from her that there is no judgement in yoga. Also, it helps bring peace to your mind and body. I exercise regularly and her classes always help me relax.

The environment is wonderful. Very peaceful and welcoming. Lea has a great spirit and that shows through her teaching.
Tomaysa, Raleigh NC

June 12, 2015
I took Lea's Soaping, Scenting, and Sipping Class last week. The class was wonderful and very informative for those interested in soapmaking. She even offered up her recipe for perfect soap and gave suggestions for fragrance pairings. I'm looking forward to more classes!
Leslie, Chapel Hill NC

June 08, 2015
I took the Soap Making class and it was so much fun. I read how to do it on line, but having this hands on class was most helpful. I feel more confident trying it on my own than reading how to do it on line alone. Lea was a very good teacher. My soap that I made is still drying. I can't wait to try it.
Ali, Raleigh NC

May 22, 2015
I loved the class, the glass of wine, the relaxed atmosphere, and the informative process. I'm ready to make soap!!
Elaine Ihrie, Louisburg NC

May 11, 2015
This class was such fun and something I'd never even considered doing however, seeing how easy it is, this experience has opened a whole new potential hobby. Lea does a great job of explaining the process and the benefits of various ingredients. Highly recommended.
Barb Tucker, Garner NC

April 11, 2015
GREAT Mother and daughter bonding time. Never knew making soap was so easy and excellent teacher. Fun, fun, fun and soap to take home.
Wanda, Raleigh NC

April 11, 2015
I had so much fun taking one of Lea's classes. She's a wonderful teacher - friendly, relaxed, and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Katie, Raleigh NC

April 04, 2015
Just attended a milk soap making class...again, another fantastic, informative class. I have the most beautiful soap and am so excited to make more. Lea is an artisan and I am so grateful that she is sharing her knowledge. I can't wait for my next class!!
Trina, Raleigh NC

March 08, 2015
My friend and I had such a great time creating beautiful soaps! Lea was very helpful, relaxed and welcoming. The ingredients are truly natural and gentle. I cannot wait to try her other classes.
Janae, Raleigh NC

March 27, 2015
Fantastic!!! I did the lotion making class last night and learned everything I need to know to make my own HIGH QUALITY (not oily) lotion!! Lea, the owner walked us step by step on a friendly, relaxed setting...oh setting....her shop is adorable!! I liked it so much I signed up for another class that night. I highly recommend attending any of her workshops.
Trina, Raleigh NC

March 27, 2015
I attended the lotion making class this week. It was amazing. There was lots of time for questions and great instructions. Not to mention the products were great. I can't wait to take some of the other classes.
Jackie, Raleigh NC

March 08, 2015
Small classroom setting which allowed for a more hands on approach. Leah was very easy going and made the soap making process a fun experience. Great class.
Raquel Nin-Taveras, Youngsville NC

January 26, 2015
From the moment you enter Scentsuosity the aromas from Lea's creations just puts you in a calm and relaxing place. Our class was excellent and we learned so much about soap making. I would highly recommend any of her classes and events- can't wait to go back!
Denise, Henderson NC

December 01, 2014
Great hair products! Especially for grey, dry and natural hair. Tried some of highly rated and priced ones, but with Scentsuosity products my grey remains grey not tinted. My course type hair is soft and manageable - less breakage. Have used the conditioner for over a year. Originally a gift from my daughter.
Eva, Dayton OH

December 05, 2014
From the first time that I stepped into Scentsuosity, I felt relaxed, calm and reserved. Lea was an excellent trainer who was very patient with the myriad of personalities in the Butters, Balms & Salves Class. Since taking this class, I have a strong desire to start my own natural body care products all because of this class. Lea is very personable and that's great for beginners who either want to pursue this class as a gift-giver or as an entrepreneur. I respect and appreciate her passion for wanting to educate others. Because of passion, I now want to take as many classes as my schedule will permit me. It is my prayer that God will continue to bless Lea by inspiring others, yet living her dreams as an example to others.
Tschanna McDougald, NC

August 31, 2014
We made soap today and loved it!
Serina Pennington, NC

June 24, 2014
Hi Lea, I just wanted to say a big thanks for the workshop!!! I had such a great time and enjoyed learning from you so much. You made things so clear and so simplified and I can't believe how much I learned in such a short time. I am eagerly awaiting the curing of my soap next week. I cut the bars and the whole house smells amazing.
I look forward to taking more of your workshops once I get some soap making underway. I ordered some supplies this week and can't wait to get started creating some wonderful soaps for my family!!! Thanks again.
Tracie Broome, Chapel Hill NC

February 02, 2014
I had a wonderful time in the soap making class. It was informative, I was nervous about the lye but all my fears were put to rest. Thanks for all your wisdom.
Meion Swinney, Fayetteville NC

January 28, 2014
Yes the soap turned out awesome. We just started using in this past weekend! Very good lather. We're totally psyched about it. We're looking forward to making our next batch at some point. Thanks again.
Marie Ambroise Thigpen, Raleigh NC

January 25, 2014
My girlfriend brought home some of Scentsuosity's foot balm for me last month and it works like magic! I only need to apply it once every couple weeks and it keeps my normally dry feet smooth. She also has some body cream that works great on dry patches like my elbows when I need it.
Owen, Raleigh NC

January 30, 2014
I have taken 2 classes on making soap & lotions. The classes are fun and very informative. I had tried soap making previously but I had many questions. All my questions were answered & I am so excited to continue making soap at home. I hope to be taking more classes!
Cathy Pontious, Hillsborough NC

January 25, 2014
I have the pleasure of working next to Lea of Scentsuosity so I've tried out a lot of her (very fairly priced) products. Everything she makes smells fantastic! Lea has really changed how I feel about the things I use on my skin. I had no idea how much my expensive store bought lotions and washes were drying out my skin until I made the switch.

Scentsuosity's sea salt scrubs really cleanse my pores and they work great for removing makeup! After washing I also use Scentsuosity's face cream for even more natural healing ingredients. It's the first moisturizer that's ever worked well with my sensitive skin and is light enough to use underneath makeup.

Just a little bit of everything goes a long way. If you have dry or sensitive skin, I can't recommend this stuff enough! It's also worth a mention that Lea does custom products for anyone with special skin/hair needs. I really appreciate how much care she puts into everything she does for her customers.
Brenna, Raleigh NC

January 24, 2014
Just left Scentsuosity with some new stuff and some of my favorites. Not only does everything smell AMAZING, it is also so good (and healing) for your skin. I love the lavender body soap and coconut crush body cream. But right before I left, I tried the vanilla sugar lip scrub (completely edible), and among other things I had to get that too. Love this place!
Kristen Fuller, Apex NC

November 23, 2013
Just got done using the Coconut Crush body polish I bought today--your products are outstanding!
Susie White Watkins, Oakwood OH

August 08, 2013
Thanks Lea from Scentsuosity for making me this amazing "sleepy" roll. Last night was the best night of sleep I had in months (I put a little extra on).
Camille White, Wake Forest NC

July 19, 2013
I LOVE your new shampoo. It keeps my hair from being frizzy when it dries. Also the fresh mint sent is so refreshing!!!!
Jennifer Doll, NC

June 30, 2013
It was so nice to meet you at the Sip and Shop last night! I raved on and on to my husband about you and your products and how awesome everything was. We will be visiting you in the future for sure!!!
Tonia Dunn Jones, NC

June 30, 2013
Loves the oatmeal and brown sugar body scrub I tried this evening at the sip 'n' shop! Delicious smell and left my hands soft and smooth I look forward to trying more products!
Avani Washington, NC

June 25, 2013
I enjoy using your product and I love using it on clients who never had an all natural treatment because they love it too. Thanks for all the extra dollars in my pocket. Scentsuosity is an absolute life changer! -(barber/stylist)
King El Bar, Jersey City NJ

May 09, 2013
Lea! Thanks so much for all your help today.. I was all giggly and intoxicated feeling leaving your shop - some combination of delicious smells, being inspired by your work, and looking forward to the summer!
Toni Craige, NC

May 08, 2013
Love your shop it is my new favorite place!!
Cheryl Thomas, NC

August 27, 2013
Just ordered some more hair cream - looooove it!
Nicky Stewart, Durham NC

July 06, 2013
Great workshop. Thank you Lea!
Claudia Corletto, Raleigh NC

June 29, 2013
Nice meeting you today at the sip and shop event. I really love the Oatmeal & Brown Sugar body polish.
Evelyn Byers, Bakersfield VT

May 08, 2013
I just had to visit your shop after I used your product. IT WAS AWESOME. My skin feels wonderful and smells wonderful also. I just left with more product and I cannot wait to get home to use it.
Dominin Joyner, Raleigh NC

July 28, 2012
We really enjoyed the Making Handmilled Soap Class Today! The owner/instructor Lea J. Alston is very knowledgeable as well as personable! Her products are great, thanks Lea.
Karen, Raleigh NC

July 11, 2012
Like most men I have struggled with razor bumps before and after I would shave due to the hair curling back into the skin. Lea Alston has created a solution that combats the problem thoroughly with a mixture of vinegar and a few other elements. I have noticed a complete change in my skin, it's very smooth and my bumps have gone away. Thanks! Lea for keeping me smooth...see ya soon!
Cyril Barnes, Raleigh NC

July 29, 2012
My mom and I just took Lea's handmilled soap-making class and it was great! She's incredibly knowledgeable of her craft and it most certainly shows. I look forward to future classes!
Alyssa, Raleigh NC

June 25, 2012
My last gym bag was ruined when my shampoo bottle leaked everywhere! I was looking for a shampoo container that I felt would work, when I walked into your shop and discovered your shampoo bar! Not only did it solve my gym bag problem, it truly is lush, and smells wonderfully! I would never have thought of a shampoo bar, and am so glad I discovered you and your products! I will see you soon!
Sharon, Garner NC

June 19, 2012
Scentsuosity is the best thing that could happen to my skin, it has a long lasting refreshingly nourished look. I am a customer for life!
Keisha Mark, Raleigh NC

March 26, 2012
I love your lotion! I use it everyday on my face and have been surprised that it is so light and does not clog my pores, but keeps my face moist! Thanks!
Amy, Raleigh NC

March 08, 2012
Lea, thanks for the soap bar that you recommended. Not only did it rid me of those underskin pimples and whiteheads. Here's the amazing thing, I read the ingredients and thought to myself, "it has the same ingredients that are in my natural hair products." So I did the unthinkable. Yep, you got it. I washed my hair with it. I loved the lather and it left my hair feeling moisturized. You soap is a H2T Head-to-toe product. Yay!
Suzette Hinton, Garner NC

March 17, 2012
The Lemon Harmony Herbal Body Scrub is the best scrub I have ever used, it has made my skin so much smoother than any scrub I have used before, even ones costing three times as much. I love the natural ingredients, and the good feeling the product gives me that more artificial products can't.
Ethan Gaines, Raleigh NC

March 13, 2012
I knew you could do it. So very proud of you. I haven't tried your products in a while, but when I used them, I just absolutely LOVE THEM. I have to get by your business and get some more. Love it and keep up the good work.
Annette Love, Durham NC

January 05, 2012
I was in your shop just before Thanksgiving with my friend whom I was visiting. For Christmas, she sent me your Mo Lavender body scrub and lotion. I have to tell you they are the best products I have ever tried, and I've tried many different ones. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!
Jennifer, Texas

December 13, 2011
My ultimate favorite product is the Brown Sugar scrub. The very minute I put the scrub on I feel sexy. My boyfriend even noticed a change in my skin tone after using it. He said I looked happy and I glowed. No other product has had such an immediate result after just one use. It's been a while since I've used the product. That will be this years Christmas gift to myself.
Heidi Jones, Raleigh NC

October 19, 2011
I am so happy and excited about the products I purchased through Scentsuosity. The Oatmeal Brown Sugar scrub provided immediate relieve to the itching and dryness on my face. The new hair care line is a MUST for all women. My natural (unprocessed) hair was dry, brittle, and shedding, but after only one use of the Hair Shampoo Bar, Conditioner, and Hair & Scalp Cream - all my hair problems were gone! My hair was soft, full of body, no more itchy scalp or shedding - and did I say after one use. Thank you Lea for caring enough about your mind, body, & spirit to share with others like me.
- DeShawn Redmon, Raleigh NC


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