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POP UP Mindful Yoga by Scentsuosity
POP UP Mindful Yoga by Scentsuosity
POP UP Mindful Yoga by Scentsuosity
POP UP Mindful Yoga by Scentsuosity
POP UP Mindful Yoga by Scentsuosity
POP UP Mindful Yoga by Scentsuosity
POP UP Mindful Yoga by Scentsuosity


POP UP Mindful Yoga by Scentsuosity

$ 18.00

POP UP Mindful Yoga by Scentsuosity Yoga offers 3 types of classes for you to choose from that suite your needs. I offer Piyo, Stretch & Flow and Rhythmic Yoga. Enyoy not having to leave your home or office space to have me come in and teach Mindful Yoga Classes.   

Piyo is an infusion of pilates and yogo that will help the average student take their routine to the next level. We will use various body weight movements, free weight exercises, therapy band sequences and blocks.  

Stretch and Flow yoga is a series of deep breathing, stretches and a flow of movements that will create heat, build your core and strengthen your muscles.

Rhythmic Yoga is flowing movements and asanas using deep breathing and the weight  of your body to build flexibility and strength while listening to jazzy soulful music.

Instructor: Lea J. Alston

Note:  minimum amount of attendees will be 5 persons for each class.

What you will need in Class? Comfortable stretchy clothing, a mat and a blanket if you have knee or lower back pain.

Please reserve this Yoga Class by calling 919-229-9139 or emailing  


Beginners Questions & Concerns

  1. I have never tried yoga before, will I be able to keep up? In all classes pose modifications are provided for beginners so that you can complete all routines.
  2. I am not flexible enough...flexibility comes with time and practice. If you practice yoga at least 2 times a week you will see a significant difference in your strength and movement within a month.
  3. Can I loose weight? In practicing yoga you will build core and overall body strength, when holding the weight of your body or moving with a flowing routine you will burn calories without the stress on your joints.
  4. Will meditation really help me focus? Yesssss, breathing deep into your lungs feed your brain oxygen the helps create clarity and calm. I teach a technique that makes this process very easy.
  5. Can stretching benefit pains in my shoulders, back, hips, muscle tensions and more? Tight and tensed muscles can put pressure on nerves in our bodies and shift our bones to an unnatural posture creating aches and pains. Stretching will loosen and relax those muscles and allow more comfort in your daily routine.


Private Group Sessions Available

Private groups of family, friends, couples, teens are welcomed and encouraged to book yoga classes for their special events. Send your requested info to

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