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Natural Product Formulating Consultation

Coaching Services for Natural Product Formulating

 You will be assessed and a personal plan will be  developed on achieving your own natural body care product line and formulations. If you have questions about any or all the statements below… this service is for you

  • How do I make my product more upscale
  • little things from how much to charge for products/services to labeling and fda regulations needing
  • What you need to do to secure your business from the start.
  • Organizing your work space and proper sanitation. 
  • Learn your fda regulations for labeling.
  • Learn how to calculate the value of your products, materials, time and how to price it all together.
  •  Resources to find your bottles, ingredients, labels, equipment, marketing and more.
  • Industry support communities and ongoing learning sources. 
  • Open Q/A pertaining to your business, take home worksheets, and handouts.

Perfect for new businesses that need to be advised on a starting point with product lines and formulating products, existing businesses that are looking to be advised on elevating their products and formulations.


Service Fee $65 hourly

Services can be provided by phone or at Scentsuosity

Complimentary herbal teas or wine served

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