Best Selling Products

Best Selling Products

Yoga Classes

Note: Only 8 rsvp will be allowed for each class. What to Bring to Class?... ..

$ 10.00

Cold Processed Soap 201 Class

Cold Process Soap 201 Have you watched countless videos or read tons of books trying... ..

$ 115.00

Handmade Soap Workshop

Soap making workshop! Are you curious about how soap is made or maybe you just... ..

$ 60.00

Soy Candles Workshop

All Natural Soy Candles The art of making beautifully scented and decorated 100% soy candles.... ..

$ 60.00

Body Butters Workshop

This class is all about butters! Everything you need to learn about how to make... ..

$ 60.00

Hair Cream

If your hair is natural or permed this cream is created to moisturize all textures... ..

$ 6.00